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Embark on a mission to retrieve a foul wish!
Use your trusted bow against the marble gargoyles, and parkour your way up a celestial tower.
Fhaesir’s Pride is an early prototype – and free to play on PC.

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Dive into the narrative of Marmortal’s fantasy world where a powerful entity grants the wishes of the people in the world.
Yet you dare to enter the tower to attempt to undo yours.

Dynamically shoot and rush your way through the tower’s perilous paths as it accepts no mortals in its premises.
The tower slowly turns you into stone – and attempts to cleanse itself from your influence by sending hordes of gargoyles after you.

The wishes inside the tower reveal interconnected stories of the people that wished upon its flowing waters, as you learn that you are not the first to trespass the tower either…

Current development

“Fhaesir’s Pride” was our first early prototype, released on itch.io for free.
A new game set in the same world is under development in Unreal Engine 5.
Our current team is designing new abilities, refreshing the narrative, composing fresh tunes and improving all visual designs.
Stay tuned for Marmortal!

The Team

Our current international team consists of skilled interdisciplinary people.